May 05, 2006

A Little Friday Afternoon Humor

Apparently, bad boy golfer John Daly is coming out with an autobiography. A colleague just sent me an email of this clip from an A.P. story on the matter:

And there are times when Daly knows his priorities.

He wrote about winning the British Open at St. Andrews and facing a dilemma. Wilson and Reebok, his corporate sponsors, were on the phone with agent Bud Martin, desperate for Daly to get out to the Swilcan Bridge for a promotional picture. The sun was setting, so there was no time to spare.

But hold on -- the president was on the phone and wanted to talk to Daly.

"My first thought was ... the president of the United States wants to talk to me," Daly wrote. "But then Bud pointed out that Wilson and Reebok were putting $4 million a year in my pocket, and all Clinton was doing was taking 40 percent away."

He went to the bridge.

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