April 24, 2006

There and Back Again

The perfect way to start yer Monday morning: Drive all the way to the Metro before you realize you've forgotten a) your briefcase, b) your lunch and c) the cleaning you're supposed to drop off.

Then get stuck behind a succession of school buses, very stinky garbage trucks and idiot-assed Maryland drivers as you head back home to try again.


UPDATE: As our pal Gary the Ex-Donk notes in the comments, there's a serious 80's babe battle going on over at his place, as Elisabeth Shue and Lynda Carter fight it out to move into the finals of his 80's Crush Tournament, there to take on Morgan Fairchild. It's a close one right now, so get on over there and vote.

Personally, since Lea Thompson lost to Fairchild in their semi round, I'm going with Wonder Woman.

Posted by Robert at April 24, 2006 08:52 AM | TrackBack

Robert/Steve - way off topic here but just wanted to tip you guys off that the Lisa Shue/Lynda Carter match-up is currently tied. If you have a dog in this hunt, here's your opportunity to sway the vote. Voting closes at noon.

Posted by: Gary at April 24, 2006 08:56 AM

We have a winner.

Now it's a race between Wonder Woman and...er, uh my wife...Morgan Fairchild.

Posted by: Gary at April 24, 2006 11:12 AM