April 19, 2006

80's Crush Tournament: Final Four

Gary the Ex-Donk's Tournament of 80's Babes is down to the last two pairings with Lea Thompson vs. Morgan Fairchild and Elisabeth Shue vs. Lynda Carter.

Voting in the Thompson/Fairchild match continues through Friday noon, to be followed by the Shue/Carter battle.

Go vote early and often:


I'm Robbo the Llama Butcher and I approve this ad.

YIPS from Steve-O: Shouldn't that read, "I'm Robbo the LLama Butcher, and by approving this ad I'm guaranteed to be sleeping on the basement couch tonight."

Anyhoo, can we even fathom the inhumanity posed by the potential Shue/Thompson face-off?

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