March 30, 2006

Words to ponder in this time of war

For those who wonder why people like Pat Tillman and countless others joined the military after 9/11, your humble LMC gives you the following:

It is not an ordinary war. It is a revolution imposed by force of arms, which threatens all men everywhere. It is a revolution which proposes not to set men free but to reduce them to slavery-to reduce them to slavery in the interest of a dictatorship which has already shown the nature and the extent of the advantage which it hopes to obtain.

That is the fact which dominates our world and which dominates the lives of all of us, each and every one of us. In the face of the danger which confronts our time, no individual retains or can hope to retain, the right of personal choice which free men enjoy in times of peace. He has a first obligation to serve in the defense of our institutions of freedom-a first obligation to serve his country in whatever capacity his country finds him useful.

George W. Bush did not utter these words, Franklin Roosevelt did at the 1940 Democratic National Convention.

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