February 12, 2006

The Answer Is Robbo. On the Driveway. With the Snow Shovel.

Looks like we got about nine inches a foot or so and more from Dee Cee's Storm of the Century of the Week last night and it's still coming down a bit this morning. Needless to say, the Llama-ettes have been up since the crack of dawn making loud demands about snowsuits, gloves and boots and planning all sorts of snow-related activities. From their talk, you'd think we wouldn't see them again for at least three days, but I know from experience that their actual outdoor endurance time usually works out to about half an hour at a stretch. Considering it seems to take at least forty five minutes to get them geared up, I sometimes wonder about whether this investment is really worth the return.

Once the snow tapers off, I suppose I'll have to go shovel the damn driveway. Of course, this will be right about the time the wind decides to kick up, too. (It rained enough yesterday to coat the trees with ice. If the wind really starts whipping, we may get some damage.) Oh, well - the important thing is to set yourself the appropriate incentive. Mine will be the fire and the glass of single malt waiting in the library when I'm done.

UPDATE: Correction - make that fifteen minutes. The Llama-ettes report that the snow was too powdery for snowman building purposes and also got too cold and wet before they were able to bash out a sledding trail. Perhaps I'll give them a hand once I get done with the driveway.

UPDATE DEUX: Almost three hours on the driveway and sidewalks, stopping now and again to kibutz with my neighbor. To me, there is no better example of man's inhumanity to man than the air with which the plowtrucks come by and throw fresh slushy ice on the end of one's driveway, utterly unconcerned with whether one has just cleared it off. Bastards.

The Llama-ettes wound up trudging down to a neighbor's house to play with their kids. They came back and had another go at bashing out their sledding run. I'd say they're about halfway down the hill by now. But since I don't think this snow is going to go away for a while, they should be able to get some runs in in the next few days.

Now here's the question: The storm is long gone and we're all dug out. What are the odds that Fairfax County is going to go ahead and close all its schools tomorrow anyway. Pretty good, I would say.

UPDATE TROIS: Oh, my prophetic soul!

Posted by Robert at February 12, 2006 08:15 AM | TrackBack

Down here, south of Richmond we have about 2- 2 1/2 inches of perfect snowman snow. The boys are out and having a good time.

Posted by: Sarah G. at February 12, 2006 08:41 AM

The dogs are enjoying their frolicking in the 9+ inches we got - they seem to have a little more endurance than your Llama-ettes, but then, they're already dressed in their winter coats and don't really care about snowman texture (I did notice the powdery nature myself, kind of a bummer). Hubby and I are now in the heated rock-paper-scissors battle to determine who gets to go shovel.

Posted by: beth at February 12, 2006 08:54 AM

South of DC, I spent last night in packed rescue station, with no EMS calls. After being up half the night, I came home to find my own children ready for playing in the snow. Yee Haa...

Posted by: KMR at February 12, 2006 09:04 AM

I'm snowed in here in PA. Where is Bush? Where is FEMA? Where is my check?!?

Posted by: MCPO Airdale at February 12, 2006 10:54 AM

Nyah nyah....here in the OH Valley I have nada, zilch. A powdery coating that has already melted off the ground.

Gloat gloat....

Posted by: GroovyVic at February 12, 2006 11:11 AM

About a foot here in Fairfax, too. Beau already shoveled the walk and a poop path in the backyard for our short dog. We're getting ready to make the trek to the Target at the end of our block. Woo!

Posted by: jen at February 12, 2006 12:00 PM

about 12 or more inches here in Maryland (Harford county).
What makes this extra special is that this is my first real snow since buying my house.
oh such joy!!

funny, you'd have thought that spending 30 years in Boston would have made me immune to this sort of thing

My secret HQ is totally shutoff

Posted by: moleboy at February 12, 2006 12:00 PM

Unfortunately, from my window it looks like an insufficient amount for either the VAEB or Alexandria Circuit Court to be closed tomorrow. Damn.

Posted by: Lysander at February 12, 2006 04:17 PM

I tried to shovel the White House drive, but some men jumped on me.

Posted by: Bill from INDC at February 12, 2006 04:25 PM

Feds open but with unscheduled leave, which means half of the government will not be at work today.

Posted by: jen at February 13, 2006 05:58 AM

Nyah nyah....here in the OH Valley I have nada, zilch. A powdery coating that has already melted off the ground.

Gloat gloat....

While in THIS river valley (the Willamette), is was in the 50's, and sunny, so I fired up the smoker and barbecued some ribs. In my shirt sleeves.

Posted by: Giant Hedgehog at February 13, 2006 09:35 AM

Erm... that last one was me. Danged cookies.

Posted by: Brian B at February 13, 2006 09:38 AM