December 28, 2005

Britain developing a more "nuanced" view of Germany?


Ace busts a cap on it: hey, I'm a sucker for a post that bitch slaps Hitler AND David Hasselhoff in the same breath.

Key line:

2. Killed north of 30 million people, a good fraction of that in industrialized state-sanctioned murder-factories, but still whine about the bombing of Dresden, as if they weren't begging for it -- for crying out loud, look what we did to Japan, and they didn't even kill Glenn Miller.

I had forgotten about Glenn Miller.

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Actually, "best" intellegence is that the RAF killed Miller. A returning raid jettisoned their bombloads and some of them saw a small plane down low.

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Can u please ramp down with the screaming red background? It's a little much with my morning Tylenol & Alka Seltzer

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