December 19, 2005

"Feel the power of the Dark Side course through your veins, young Skywalker!"

Regular readers will know that we've been following the blogging progress of long-time commentator, general moonbat luvr, Michael Moore quoting, zebra-fish Mengle, and old pal LB Buddy as he progresses with his new blog Really Small Fish. He's trying, he really is, with cute little lefty rants about the "Cheney Administration" this, and "I heart Juan Cole" that. But, what's fun is the insidious nature of the blog Force is beginning to take root: witness his latest foray into cat-blogging, and posting really hot naked pictures of squid having sex (talk about your Calamari al dente!), not to mention hyperventilating fan-boy postings about Roger Clemens returning to the Boston Red Sawx.

When his disparaging comments about Dubya/disparaging comments about Peyton Manning ratio hits 1, we've won.

After all, this blog started out to be a semi-serious forum for the discussion of law and politics, and now we're nothing more than the Boswell to Mort Kondracke's Dr. Johnson, assuming Boswell and Johnson were stranded for a very long-layover in Boise International Airport at Christmas and, after the bar was cleaned out, had to resort to huffing solvent fumes to pass away the painful hours of a meaningless existence before having torrid random acts of pervisity in the Skyway Blvd. Red Roof Inn.

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There is a disturbance in the force. I have this sudden urge to post something about MELISSA THEURIAU. Must resist....

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