December 17, 2005

Gratuitous Domestic Posting (TM)

So far things are going pretty well between the Llama-ettes and me with the Missus out of town on her weekend romp with Mrs. LMC. (She promised stories of pillow fights and backrubs when she returns.)

I spent most of the early afternoon at the game board, tactfully playing the seven year old to a stalemate in chess, allowing the five year old to crush me in checkers and indulging the three year old in a game that she made up as she went along.

We've also had a grand time with Christmas carols today, self at the keyboard and the Llama-ettes gathered round, making up in enthusiasm what they lack in accuracy. And while we had to do "Jingle Bells, Batman smells" several times, we also did many, many of the more traditional carols, including my personal favorites "What Child Is This?" and "Oh Come, O Come, Emmanuel". The seven year old was agog when I told her the former tune was written by Henry VIII and that the latter was a thousand years old. It must have made a deep impression, because she insisted on singing every verse. This is the first year all three gels have sung carols with me. I sincerely hope it's the start of what will be a long tradition.

And speaking of singing, tomorrow is the carols and lessons service at church. After this afternoon's practice, I think the Llama-ettes' pipes will be well warmed up for it. One benefit they'll get from singing at church instead of at home: I have a rather bad ingrained habit of swearing when I play, especially when I'm sight-reading, and especially when I'm sight-reading poorly. I'm not too sure that the gels gain any particular spiritual benefit when their rendition of, for example "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" is punctuated by a string of clenched-teeth goddammits and Jesus Christs. Our organist, even when forced to play "Go Tell It On The Mountain", always keeps a poker face and a closed mouth.

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Mayhap you could teach your 3-year-old this game? (warning: some mild crude humor [not essential to game play])...

Posted by: LDH at December 17, 2005 09:04 PM