December 05, 2005

This Probably Sinks Our "Best Culture Blog" Nomination, But I'm Going To Say It Anyway

I caught LotR: The Return of the King on cable this evening. I confess that I've only seen it once before, and then I was, well, very tired.

However, I saw it this evening steadily and whole. Among many, many other things, somehow I had managed to overlook the similarities between the rousing pre-battle speeches of Aragorn and President Whitmore last time around.

If flagrant artistic license was a bottle of whiskey, I imagine Fellowship of the Ring to contain a number of surreptitious nips that Peter Jackson, perhaps, hoped we might not notice. But the trend grew steadily through The Two Towers and by the time we reach this movie, Jackson has abandoned all pretense and is chug-a-lugging right out in the open. (Now where have I seen this before? Ah, yes - Scott of the Sahara! "Rewrite! Great! Weee'll sort it all out on the floor!")

So what is my Llama Gratuitous Movie Review?

Damn and blast Peter Jackson.

That is all.

(Sooper Sekret Message to Bill - after feeling almost tolerant about the Narnia movie this afternoon, I just felt the need to lash out somewhere.)

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