December 03, 2005

ABC Sports hires a new football commentator

Baghdad Bob.jpg

The Big 12 Championship game is going down to the wire....Colorado Buffalos are the beloved of Allah and will smote the infidel Longhorns....Texas, home of the Zionist Cowboy Blasphemer Booosh, is being defeated as we speak.........Long live the glorious Buffalos!

Meanwhile, in sunny California, Yew Cee Ell Ayyy is tearing a new one on behalf of the Holy of Holies upon the spoiled, pampered cowardly pig-dog sons of donkeys of USC....72 virgins each for every glorious member of the Bruin are witnessing the great victory of the Ummah in the destruction of the arrogant Beach Boys listening surfer doooodes of Troy... this is the most glorious day for the restoration of the Caliphate as the pride of Southern California is brought low before the righteousness of the One God.

Texas and USC win by a combined score of 158-2*. Congrats to the blogging sons of Troy Dr. Rusty and Professor Chaos.

Actually, it would probably be a good idea to bring Baghdad Bob into the booth for Monday Night Football given the routs they've had this season.

*What was the actual margin? I lost track--it might as well have been 158-2. I've watched soccer games more compelling.

Posted by Steve at December 3, 2005 08:35 PM | TrackBack

Actual margin was 136-22. Texas won 70-3, USC won 66-19. It's gonna be a good game.

Posted by: Brian B at December 5, 2005 09:17 AM

Gregg Easterbrook has been predicting all season that the Football Gods are going to avenge the needless racking up of lopsided scores, a crime of which Texas appears to be the worse offender.

Having grown up in Texas, I am a Longhorns fan. But I must say I'm feeling rather uneasy about the Rose Bowl.

Posted by: Robbo the LB at December 5, 2005 09:41 AM

My grandfather was a die hard USC fan, and I still root for them any time doing so doesn't conflict with my loyalty to Oregon. USC could have racked up an even more obscene score, but they pulled their starters halfway through the 4th quarter.

I think they'll win, but Texas should make a game of it.

Posted by: Brian B at December 5, 2005 11:35 AM

While I don't ordinarily follow college football, my son is presently a soph at the University of Spoiled Children, so I feel somewhat inclined to root for them [unless they're playing against my alma mater, the University of Hawaii ;-]. Since he'll be home for the holidays, I imagine we'll be watching the Rose Bowl together - an historic first in my generation of our family. I'm looking forward to it.

Posted by: Manuela Boy at December 5, 2005 06:19 PM