December 03, 2005

Quiet Saturday Afternoon

It's the quiet between storms here at stately LLama Manor. We went to the bazaar at the kid's old school---the hippie crunchy Kraut School---which I dubbed in the past "The Bizarre Bazzar." Lots of things just right for decorating the home tastefully for Saturnalia, and the Tofu kabobs were to die for. Seriously, the kids had a great time making candles, wreaths, necklaces and assorted other crafts. In a bit, we're going to go back outside and put up the rest of the lights on the purple playhouse in the backyard. We stray a wee bit from Robbo's Calvinistic Rules of Yuletide Lawn Decorating----no giant inflatable nutcrackers (yet), but we have a now rather large former Christmas tree in the backyard that the kids named Stella Luna that we light up. This year we are in the process of completely covering the wee one's little playhouse---the icicle things along the eaves, as well as colorful strings along all the edges of the house, windows, and door.

There are many things The Dear One and I have worked out quite amicably over 11 years of marriage. The fact that I pulled the lever for Reagan and for Dubya twice, and that if she had her druthers Jerry Brown would be President we deal with quite fine. The fact that our tastes in entertainment have diverged notably we deal with quite fine. I could go on. But the single area we have never been able to fully, completely, and amicably address is the issue of Christmas lights: The Dear One is of the "The Only Good Christmas Light is a White One" faith, whereas the creed I affirm is "Colorful Lights is what gives Santa his Mojo." Like the two Koreas, we have reached a cold peace: inside the house, white lights reign supreme; outside the house, color rules. Every year, a string or two of colorful lights "accidently" gets on the tree, only to have to come off; while some really hopped up Meth Freak Squirrels chew through the power cord uniting the LLamabutcher Grand Illumination.

So I leave it to you, dear Readers, with the deontological question of Yuletide: white lights, or color?

Posted by Steve at December 3, 2005 04:44 PM | TrackBack

Color of course!

Posted by: Randy at December 3, 2005 05:26 PM

I prefer white lights, but the husband staged a coup d' etat a couple of years ago, and now we have colored lights.

Posted by: Kathy at December 3, 2005 07:41 PM

I say, it depends on the ornaments. If the tree is all prim, proper, and fancy...probably just the white. If the tree has all kinds of ornaments from over the years and looks a little different every year... you gotta go with color.

Posted by: Princess Cat at December 3, 2005 08:29 PM

It really depends on what you're going for: subtle, understated elegance allows for only white bulbs and subdued ornaments.

If you're of the Clark Griswold persuasion, then you need color, color, and more color. And really obnoxious ornaments and all kinds of crap out in the front yard. Try to make it your goal to have one of your neighbors call and complain about you driving down property values. Just be careful, The Dear One may decide that you have to sleep outside in your faux manger.

Posted by: Leopold Stotch at December 4, 2005 01:12 PM

Depends on where you are in the family progression:

No kids - white

With kids - color

Teenagers - go back to white

Posted by: jen at December 4, 2005 04:43 PM

actually, our issue is "twinkle or not to twinkle"
that being said, we have BOTH colored and white lights on the tree and outside, and the only ones that don't twinkle are the icicle and red bow lights on the outside

Posted by: cheri at December 4, 2005 08:17 PM

Our family progression has so far been like Jen's. I've always been firmly in the "only white lights" camp, but my children crave color and thus, I have grudgingly added a little. I can't say I'm thrilled about it, but I suppose it isn't really all about me any more.

And we had our "Elves' Faire" a few weeks ago. Tofu casserole, felt ball making, and candle dipping for everyone.

Posted by: Jordana at December 4, 2005 10:02 PM

Color. You do believe in diversity, don't you?

Posted by: rbj at December 5, 2005 09:15 AM

I like White lights outside, they give the illusion of snow, and as much riotous, obnoxious, blinking color as possible inside. But I prefer simple on-off blinking, no complex patterns -- they remind me too much of old Sci-fi movies about government mind control experiments.

Posted by: Brian B at December 5, 2005 09:47 AM

I think that there are geographical differences to color selection. I grew up in the mid-west where colored lights are the preference. Now I live in Massachusetts and most of my neighbors have only white lights and/or white candles in the windows. I don't know what New Englanders have against colors. I'm guessing it must be a race thing.

Posted by: Kirk at December 5, 2005 10:47 AM

Here in Eugene, there aren't as many houses with lights outside as I'd like. I suspect it has to do with the politics.

Oddly enough, in San Diego, whole neighborhoods would decorate to excess. Maybe some sort of compensation complex?

Posted by: Brian B at December 5, 2005 11:37 AM

Give the woman credit - she was probably voting for the Governor Moonbeam of bygone days, not the aging pudgster who sits in Oakland today, helping emdo victims by "finding them a place that's just as good."

I like color - I could go for opalescent, but white alone is too staid. When I get old and senile, I plan to pick a tartan and do the house, the tree and the dog in it and nothing else.

Posted by: tee bee at December 5, 2005 03:55 PM