September 03, 2004

Obligatory Convention Posting - Day 4

I've decided this is going to be yer one-stop shopping post for convention thoughts all the rest of the day. So stop by often for updates.

I flipped on the tube in time to watch George Pataki. Is it only me or does he remind anyone else of Adam West? I felt like yelling "Holy Waffling Liberals, Batman!" at the screen. For all that, I thought it was a terrific speech.

I don't even know where to begin with Dubya himself. First part of the speech got a bit dull. Second part - over the center field fence. And when he misted up while recounting meeting the families of the fallen, I started getting teary-eyed.

For a terrific moment-by-moment analysis, go read Vodkapundit. Hit the link and just scroll up. Read all of them, but pay special attention to the wrap up at the top. I wish I could write half as insightfully when I'm sober as Green does when he's drunk. Stephen's waaaay more of a libertarian than I am, but I like the way he's talking.

Are you still here? Go read. Now.

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