July 19, 2005

Hi, Bob

Cathy Seipp, writing at NRO, has a nice article up on one of my favorite comedians, Bob Newhart. Apparently, PBS is planning to run a special on him...lessee... why, tomorrow.

By the way - when the hell did Newhart start doing Desperate Housewives? And why didn't anybody tell me?

Along with Monty Python and Fawlty Towers, Newhart's Buttoned-Down Mind album is heavily quoted in my family. Among the favorite lines are:

"You're going too fast, Mrs. Webb."

"No, that's alright - I'll get out on your side."

"No, no, Abe. First a rail-splitter, then a lawyer."

"He banged the kid with the door!"

We also agree with the article that the ending of the old Newhart series was one of the classic moments in tee-vee. (Just as an aside, have I mentioned before that Suzanne Pleshette was one of my very first tee vee crushes (along with Mariette Hartley)?)

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