July 20, 2005

In Vino Veritas

A couple of months ago, I used the Supreme Court's decision to toss the preposterous state regulations barring the interstate sale of wine direct from vinyards to consumers as a platform to take another gratuitous bash at Virginia wine which, at least in my experience, is overpriced and vile.

Well, little did I know that the fifteen minutes of fame clock was rolling, but it seems that Slate picked up on my comments.

I bring this up because Duane Gran, who was also quoted by Slate, just dropped a nice comment to my post:

If you get a chance, I would suggest visiting the Barboursville vineyard if you have a chance to be in the Charlottesville area. From my limited survey of Virginia wines they are head and shoulders above the rest -- probably in the league of some finer Italian wines I've experienced abroad.

Thanks much, Duane. Very intriguing. As it happens, I love Italians. And while I've never been out to Barboursville, I see the signs for the vinyard all the time as I chug up and down Rte. 29 between Dee Cee and C-ville. (There is a junk shop at the corner of 29 and Rte 33 in Ruckersville - the turn off for Barboursville - that the Missus and I used to haunt a great deal back in the day.) In fact, a roadtrip taking in the vinyard and Montpelier might make a very satisfying Saturday afternoon some time when the weather cools off.

Anybody else out there know anything about this place?

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