July 19, 2005


UPDATE: Damned siren turned off.

Anyhoo, word is out that Dubya has picked and will announce at 9 PM tonight, which almost certainly means that I won't learn who it is until tomorrow morning.

The favorite does indeed seem to be Judge Edith Clement. Tradesports thinks so too:


(I tossed a buck in the office pool for Priscilla Owens just to be contrary.)

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin, as usual, has got it covered with lots of Clement-linkage.

UPDATE DEUX: Gary the Ex-Donk passes on word that everyone may have the wrong Edith. Who knows? Maybe my long-shot bet is still in play. At any rate, I'm also delighted to see that he's got his priorities straight viz this evening's plans. (Sooper Sekrit Message to Gary: I hear that Wedding Crashers is a surprisingly good movie.)

UPDATE TROIS (5:00 PM): K-Lo in the Corner is saying it is not Clement. I've still got a shot at the pool - Llama needs new shoes!

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