September 21, 2004

schaudanfraude roundup

Schaudanfraude---the act of taking delight in the misery of Dan Rather.

Absolutely the most ridiculously hilarious link of the moring comes from the creator of worlds, who takes us to this fevered-pitch strand at the Democratic Underground about their plans to leave the country now that the Chimperor and his fascist thugs have "silenced" Dan Rather.....

It's sad, but when you read some of their deluded crap it almost makes Mike Moore seem like the saner, more rational member of the group.....

UPDATE: Rocket Jones weighs in with this link: George Bush Killed my Dog!

And this one is a pretty damn funny link too!

UPDATE DEUX: Podhoretz nails it (and Kevin deserves the golden groan for the title "anchors aweigh")

UPDATE TROIS:Balloon Juice has the timeline of events. (Via Glenn)

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There's a whole song about schaudenfraude.

Its from the Broadway play Avenue Q, Here's a link to the lyrics:

Posted by: Mookie at September 21, 2004 05:12 PM
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