August 31, 2004

The SwiftVets strike again

Admiral Zumwalt developed the doctrine of using the Swift Boats as a means to wreak sudden and precise havoc to disrupt the supply and maneuvering of the enemy.

Boy, he had no idea.....

Ad three (I think the Post has it wrong: there was the original ad, the one with the POWS that used Kerry's 1971 Jen-jis Kaaaahn testimony, and the one about Kerry lying about being in Cambodia for Christmas 1968) is about to debut, focusing on Kerry throwing away (or maybe not?) his ribbons/medals. It's timed for Kerry appearing at the convention of the American Legion.

I think this tactic is much better than the whole "did Kerry fudge or puff up his record to get undeserved medals" (although I have to admit that story is getting more bizarre and interesting, what with whole John Lehman angle) and instead focus in on John Kerry throwing his medals away. I think the next angle for them to pursue was not only was he throwing away his medals (although he wasn't, it was just the ribbons, and they were somebody elses.....?) but then seeking not one but two additional versions of the Silver Star citation that drained the nastier parts of the action out and that were more glowing and adjective-laden than the orginal? (These are the two that are on his website.) It just doesn't make sense.

Anyhoo, Kerry chose at this convention to make this race about the past: he chose the ground, now he can't complain that that's where the Republicans are taking the fight.

Yips! from Robbo. Alas, I looked into the trap, Ray. Andrew Sullivan apparently is dismissing the entire Swift Boat Vet campaign as a mere "smear". How silly of us not to have realized that the vets are nothing more than a gang of bloviating crackpots, probably on Karl Rove's payroll.

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Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 - 1968),

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