August 31, 2004


Carville and Greenberg are starting to panic.

So is the Politburo. (My personal advice to Novak? Avoid short fat eastern European women carrying an know what happens when you cross the Politburo....)

So is Richard Cohen:

Now a second front has been opened. New ads attack Kerry for what he said after returning from Vietnam and becoming a leader of the antiwar movement.

This is a moment for Kerry to speak plainly, to embrace all Vietnam veterans and say that any suggestion that they were war criminals does not represent how he feels now and how he felt then -- and if he gave the opposite impression, he's sorry. If it takes an apology -- if it takes saying he was once an angry young man who saw blood spilled in a dubious cause -- then that's what he should say. Otherwise Vietnam and its immediate aftermath will stick to him as has his complicated and too-nuanced position on the Iraq war.

Kerry's inability or refusal to walk his cats back to the origin of his problems -- a wrong vote on Iraq and some incautious words on Vietnam -- has trapped him in a kind of rhetorical molasses. He's always trimming weeds that need to be yanked out by the roots.

Anyone see that happen anytime soon? Bueller?

I didn't think so.

Yips! from Robbo. And as an aside, Richard Cohen needs to be penalized twenty five yards for flagrant metaphor mixing.

Yips from Steve: Of course, following Cohen's advice would require that he admit he lied under oath to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in April 1971, which last time I checked was perjury....

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