August 31, 2004

Pacifist Protesters for Peace, Justice and Non-violence Beat the Crap out of NYPD Officer

This is going to get ugly.

Dick Morris opines:

It is hard to determine which the Democrats have to fear more, the proceedings in the hall or those outside on the street. The contrast between the patriotism, inclusiveness and sincerity of speakers such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, John McCain, Giuliani and Zell Miller and the hubbub outside the Garden will be vivid for the viewer at home. Nobody looks their best when they are demonstrating in 85 degree heat. While the temperature has not risen to “Fahrenheit 9/11,” it certainly is hot enough to fray tempers and present a spectacle to America that the Republicans would have gladly paid for.

Giving Michael Moore press credentials was brilliant. He's too stupid and arrogant to realize that the Party is pinning a giant "WHACK ME" sign on him and turning him into a hate-filled pinata. Great for his personal vanity, but absolutely destructive to the Party he allegedly supports.

If the Republicans can make the face of the Democratic Party be scowling and surly John Kerry, circa 1971, and his running mate merry Amerika-hater Moore, then they are going to win.

Big time.

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