August 24, 2004

Speaking of Cull-Cha...

Mr. Enoch Soames, Esq., serves up one of Plum Wodehouse's classic lines.

The man (Wodehouse, that is) had an endless store of these little gems. One of my favorites from his early school-boy story phase, which I am (badly) quoting from memory, is a description of a group of loafers and bums hanging around a village bridge:

They had the appearance of those who seek employment but are only offered work.

Another, from Uneasy Money, describes a very large (and drunk) young lady developing the mashers for Bill Chalmers:

'I'm sure,' said the Good Sport, languishingly, like a sentimental siege-gun, 'that if I had ever met Mr Chalmers before I shouldn't have forgotten him.'

A third, from one of the Bertie & Jeeves short stories, describes the laugh of a certain hearty young lady (Honoria Glossip, I think) as sounding "like a squad of cavalry charging over an iron bridge".


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