August 24, 2004


To be perfectly honest, I'm feeling a bit burned out by politics at the moment, so when I came across this long post over at Sheila O'Malley's on the movies of Howard Hawks it made me feel a lot better.

She's in overdrive at the moment with all the types of goodies that makes her a required daily read. It's always reliable but NEVER predictable.

Posted by Steve at August 24, 2004 09:55 AM | TrackBack

Hi! Thanks so much for the link - and I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I burned out on politics about 2 months ago ... I slip into a coma as I watch the news (heh) - so I've been pouring all of that left-over concentration into Howard Hawks. Pretty cool!!

Thanks again.

Posted by: red at August 24, 2004 11:25 AM
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