November 23, 2004

That's A Lot Of Fat Ladies

Bohemian Opera has put together a catalog of classical music used in the movies.

I almost got into a fistfight one time with a law school classmate who insisted that the celebrated Air from J.S. Bach's 3rd Orchestral Suite was used in "Dangerous Liaisons". This classmate had been a music major as an undergrad and had taught piano for some years, and consequently was trying to swank it over the rest of us watching the film. I, in my characteristically diplomatic way, told her she didn't know what the hell she was talking about. And so the evening went.

I know one addition that needs to be made to this list: "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" uses the Alla Turca from Mozart's A-major piano sonata (K. 311, I think) as the basis for the big chase scene in the mall. The fact that I know this is mildly.....disturbing.

Yips to Lynn at Reflections in D Minor.

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