November 23, 2004

What's the corollary to the "Pottery BArn Rule"?

"Those who had nothing to do with breaking it and who have not lifted even a little finger to help fix it (as is their right), should now STFU about how to fix it."

The Commissar has some thoughts on the Iraq conference in Egypt. While he's pretty sanguine about the results, I'm going to go out on a limb here and point to it as a sign we are winning. When France, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Germany etc. start to line up and take credit for the outcome, it's a strong indication of the impact of the Second Battle of Fallujah on the prospects of the Iraqi Ku Klux Klan to succeed. The key to all this is the ironic juxtaposition of Second Fallujah and the death of Yassir Arafat. With Arafat finally dead (and I'm certainly glad we sent over Sarah Michelle Gellar AND Kristi Swanson as part of our official delegation just as insurance), the Palestinian Authority needs to hold elections---coincidentally---right around the time elections were scheduled for Iraq. What seems to be the hardball going on behind the scenes from the dirty Amerikans is to tie our support for the PA elections to the UN's support for the Iraq elections. No Amerikan support for the PA elections, no peace process. It's diplomatically brilliant, actually---we were threatening (I bet) to not sanction the Palestinian election if the regional third world powers (and by that I'm including France) didn't move to at least publicly support the elections and transition. This is an important symbolic and rhetorical step, and a diplomatic battle that was crucial to our work in the region over the next two months.

And yes, I said the Iraqi KKK. I'm sick and tired of butt heads like Mike Moore and Oliver Willis associating the Iraqi guerillas and terrorists with the Minutemen and Francis Marion from the Revolution. There's a DIRECT analogy between what the Iraqis are doing and what the Klan did---the campaign of terror against the local population chief among them. So it just makes you wonder---why in the world are these so-called Progressives endorsing the legacy of the Klan? What, indeed, ARE you talking about, Willis?

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