November 23, 2004

Asshat or traitor?

I'm going to do the unpopular thing and go with asshat.


"Traitor" implies selling out your country, but if you are already a post-nationalist, international sovereignty sort of guy to begin with, what's the big deal about crapping on the place of your birth? Aint we all citizens of the world? If you firmly believe Amerikan sovereignty is a fiction held on to by the seething Red State Klansmen and their lackeys in the corporate media, doing something like Sites did to undermine the Amerikan war effort is not being a "traitor," it's being the good and noble and, gosh darn it, the brave thing. "Give him a medal!" I'm sure the oped page at the Strib would say.

Like I said, I vote for asshat....

UPDATE: Speaking of asshats, Ace has an interesting triple turn doublespeak by the NYT to explain away Dubya's post-election bounce in the polls. What, have those demon fiends at Dieboldalliburton gotten to Zogby too?!?!?

Plus, check out Ace's new look---if I didn't know better, I'd think that the long awaited Moo Knew Voor Trek to MT 3 is underway, with access to all sorts of cool features and design options.

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