November 22, 2004

The Second Season of the LLamas begins!

Today begins our second season here at the LLamabutchers: while our first season did a good job of building an audience and esablishing water cooler "buzz," as seasoned entertainment hands we know we need to "shake things up" a bit to get a new level of sizzle.

Proposed plot twists for the LLamabutchers, Season Two include:

1. Dramatic tension between our protagonists emerges in a flashback episode, in which we see the Butchers as young, wacky college students, with Robbo wearing his girlfriend's underwear to practice, and Steve-o, too clueless to "hook up," all the while yukking it up playing on their intramural softball team "The Llamabutchers." Keep an eye out for sidekicks Mookie and Chip and their wacky, eighties hair-do's.

Yips! from Robbo: Folks, he's just kidding. Nothing to see here. Move along.

2. A la CSI, Steve-o grows a beard, only to discover an unrequited sexual tension from junior CSI Jeff. Unlike Grissom, who never quite figures out what to do with Sarah, Steve-o has our trained ninjas Marg and Willows put a severed Gumbi head in Jeff's bed as some evidence of the consequences of messing with the LLamas....

3. Weddings! Babies! And the LLamas, chucking dialectic to the wind, run amok in Vegas during sweeps!

4. Can we say a cute, adorable, long-lost LLamabutcher cousin Oliver coming to co-blog?

5. The LLamas chuck it all and move to Millwaukee, to live in a basement apartment and work at the Schotz Brewery. The Lone Wolves Jen and when Squiggy drop by, hillarity ensues....

6. Don't adjust your set: the character of "Steve-o" will now be played by Dick York.

7. New uniforms for the crew! And new adventures in new ports of call including Bayonne and Havanna, with bartender Issac getting to lead the away teams every once in awhile.

8. Don't miss our throwback cartoon episode, where we join up with Mr. Peabody and head back in the Wayback machine to prevent the tragedy that was the designated hitter rule from being released on an unsuspecting world.

9. This week, on a very special episode of Blossom, the role of "Joey" will be played by a surprisingly perky INDCent Bill. The LLamas? Look for our cameo as the guidance counselor who has a disturbing secret in his desk drawer, involving a paper bag, a gallon jug of Testors, and shaaaaaaaaaame

10. Don't miss our "Mad About You" Tribute featuring Pep and Chai-Rista in the roles made famous by Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt. Hillarity ensues when their snooty English neighbors discover they've replaced their lovable beagle with a surly, sunglass wearing, cigarette smoking LLama.

11. The LLamas sell out and join forces with reality tee-vee maven and schlock guru Mark Burnett to come out with their new show: "Blog Empire." Contestants vie for a coveted place in the LLama's blog roll and a million dollar prize. The Llamas put the contestants through all sorts of ridiculous stunts and tasks, only to discover the twist: the blogroll is random, bay-bee! And the million bucks? Canadian. Insert Nelson Muntz noise here.

12. Last, our season will wrap up with an affectionate, touching trip back to the old neighborhood, where we give up our fast-track careers on Wall Street to go teach in Brooklyn. Hijinx include Mr. Llama dressing up in a chador to teach Horseshack the special meaning of election reform in Afghanistan. Yeah, Barbarino, Freddie, Epstein and all tease him a lot, but they've got him on the spot...

13. And coming in Summer 2005 to a multiplex near you: Let's just say Pride & Prejudice, Llama Style.

Then again, maybe not...

UPDATE: Rusty emails in with some ideas for getting the LLamas syndicated on the USA Network. My favorite is the spy thrilla-drama La Femme Wonketta where the mysterious Mister LLama is the spy-master to evil sultry ninja-assasin Wonkette. And coming soon to Nickelodeon Adult----Wily Wonkette and the Chocolate Factory, where Wonkette and Axis Sully team up as Bounty Hunters working for "The Man."

Posted by Steve at November 22, 2004 10:44 PM | TrackBack

So did you just go down the list at and list all the ways you can possibly jump the shark??

Posted by: JohnL at November 22, 2004 10:46 PM

Hey--I didn't think of it quite that way but it works! I nixed one idea involving joining Professor Fonzarelli teaching civics at Jefferson high....

Posted by: Steve the LB at November 22, 2004 11:40 PM

Your so network. Don't you know this is the new era of narrowcasting? How about some racy cable stuff, and not that weak USA crap. I'm talking HBO or even some softcore-pr0n drama on Showtime. Maybe starring Wonkette, J. Cutler, and that Airline chick? Yeah, that would be cool. And think of the Google value alone. Brilliant!!

Posted by: Rusty at November 23, 2004 09:07 AM

Congratulations on the anniversary!

Posted by: RP at November 23, 2004 02:36 PM

No you're not! You are NOT comparing me to Helen Hunt!! I know you're not because if you did that I'd have to call in my BBQ ninjas who would kidnap you from your office to force feed you chitlins at Pappy's followed by (God, help me!) a funnel cake. Few things, my man, could cause more heartburn. Few things. Now you think about that.

Posted by: Chai-rista at November 25, 2004 08:50 PM

Sorry, can't do it. I just checked with my agent, and I'm all booked up doing a Schuyler little theatre production of "The Many Sad Lives Of Black Francis."



Posted by: pep at November 25, 2004 09:00 PM
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