November 22, 2004

Adventures In Home Ownership - Update

I discovered over the weekend, after this happened Friday night, that if I ever get tired of the legal gig, I might be able to fall back on garage door maintenance and repair.

Between us, my handyman and I managed to straighten the door out and restring the guy wires to the pulleys to make sure it stayed straight. (You never think about how delicately balanced a garage door is on its wires until one of them comes askew. If you try to force the door down when it's out of whack, you'll wind up tearing apart the entire railing structure.) This involved having to loosen and retighten a couple of nuts in the most diabolically awkward place I've ever seen outside a car engine. Nonetheless, it was definitely worth it. Not only would calling in a pro have involved an exhorbitant amount of money, I get a genuine kick out of figuring out and fixing something like this myself.

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