November 17, 2004

Arafat holds his first press conference in hell

arafat in hell.jpg

So my old friend and colleague Satan asks me, he asks me, "Yassir, old friend, have you ever seen the movie "Deliverance"? And I say, I said, "Satan, old pal, that's not the one directed by that Jew?" And he assured me no, it is Jew free!....What? What? Yes, Ambassador Satan did indeed ask me if I have a purty mouth. Why do you ask?.....Squeal? I do not understand what you mean--like a dirty pig?

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In honor of the opening of the Clinton Library, how about a photoshop of Arafat wearing a blue dress and beret. Didn't he spend a lot of time in the White House? Didn't he enjoy an occasional cigar?

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