November 08, 2004

The Undiscovered Country

Remember that tee-vee commercial from a few years back where the guy is surfing the Internet and actually comes to the very end of it? (I think the ad was for some kind of broadband service.) Well, I had a very similar situation last evening with my two year old: for the very first time, we came to the absolute end of her energy.

I suppose it all started Saturday evening. We had a very nice dinner with Sparky the Unclimber and her DF, together with the young Deacon from our Church. What with my bloviating (which is even more tedious in person than it is on the web), the evening ran rather longer than the Llama-ettes are accustomed to. (Indeed, than for all of us, I think. Much to my shame, we completely slept through Church yesterday morning. I'm sure the Deacon was taking names.)

Round Two was yesterday. Not being overly pressed with things that had to be done for a change, I spent a lot of time playing with the kids. Among other things, both the two year old and the four year old missed their usual mid-afternoon naps.

Came time for dinner and all of us assembled in the kitchen except my youngest. Upon further inquiry, we found her sacked out on the sofa downstairs. Out. Cold. I brought her up and tried to wake her, but to no avail. She came just close enough to the surface to be put in her chair, where she promptly slumped forward so that her open mouth was pressing right up against the edge of the table. Giving it up as a bad business, I whisked her off to bed, where she immediately curled up and remained comatose, later sleeping right through the four year old's exhaustion-induced meltdown over what pajamas she was going to wear and Daddy's absolutist response.

We were a bit worried that going to bed early and skipping dinner would mean that she would be in our room whining at 3:00 AM. Fortunately, no such thing happened. She was her usual sunny self this morning and no more clamorous for what she calls "bekfass" than on any other day.

In the end, it was just very nice to know that the girl's energy actual is a finite force. You wouldn't think so, usually.

Posted by Robert at November 8, 2004 01:18 PM | TrackBack

It happens. Consider yourself lucky that she was able to sleep. Don't expect it to ever happen again, though. At least, not when you'd like it to happen. That's not how it works. It's one of the laws of parenthood.

Posted by: Da Goddess at November 8, 2004 03:07 PM

Fortunately (touching wood, throwing salt over my shoulder, weaving a circle around it thrice), they've all always been very heavy sleepers. But I attribute part of that to the fact that we've always been Bedtime Nazis and they're used to the strict schedule. My worry was that throwing off the routine would produce adverse results. Apparently not, at least this time.

Posted by: Robert the LB at November 8, 2004 05:05 PM
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