November 08, 2004

Jim Moran praised in the Arab News

Congressional embarassment Jim Moran has a dewey-eyed rose-petal fluff job profile of him today in the Arab News:

Rep. Jim Moran,59 , from Virginia’s8 th district, is one of the few Congressmen who voted against the war in Iraq and criticized Jewish community leaders. It was no surprise that he had a tough time being re-elected.

Yusif Farsakh, a Palestinian-American who moved to the US from Beir Zeit in1953 , works with the “Arab-American Democrats of Virginia,” a group he said was instrumental in helping Moran win the primary elections against his opponent, lobbyist and political newcomer Andrew Rosenberg.

Rosenberg obtained funding from AIPAC, a strong Jewish lobby in Washington, and ran a dirty primary campaign against Moran, said Farsakh. “Moran is still willing to speak up about Arab-American affairs, but he was very chastened by the experience with Rosenbaum.”

“After the primary, Moran personally thanked us. We worked hard prior to last week’s election to energize the community. We must have called over10 , 000Arab and Muslim-Americans throughout the district.”

Farsakh said most of Moran’s district is Democratic and the majority of them supported him. “But I don’t think the Jews are finished with him yet. A lot of people are still angry with him for what he said.”

He was referring to last March when Moran set off a firestorm by explaining why he thought antiwar sentiment was not more effective in the United States.

“If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, we would not be doing this,” Moran said. “The leaders of the Jewish community are influential enough that they could change the direction of where this is going, and I think they should.” Moran, a seven-term Congressman, apologized the next day, saying, “I made some insensitive remarks that I deeply regret.

“I should not have singled out the Jewish community and regret giving any impression that its members are somehow responsible for the course of action being pursued by the administration, or are somehow behind an impending war,” Moran said, elaborating on an apology to Jewish news organizations and rabbis that was widely distributed.

“Many people still hold this against him,” Farsakh said, “even though his daughter is married to a Jew.”

Jim Moran’s no anti-Semite — but he feels the Palestinians have a just cause, so he knows he has to be careful.

“But I don’t want to portray him as someone sympathetic only to Arab-Americans,” said Farsakh. “He’s been wonderful to federal employees, educators, to education funds and transportation. He’s very focused and a very good Congressman.”

Asked about his immediate concerns following the Republican takeover on Tuesday, Farsakh said his greatest concern is the Patriot Act, which he said Bush intends to strengthen.

“Just before elections, 900 Muslim and Arab-Americans were rounded up and jailed, this is very disturbing to all of us.” Farsakh the Arab and Muslim American community voted against Bush because “they were furious with Bush for his love affair with Sharon.”

No common theme here, no siree.......

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Barbara Ferguson, the American Washington correspondent for Arab News, has a real problem with the way things work in the US. Consider it the lazy output of a lazy reporter. But the Arab News should certainly find a new correspondent. Her reporting grossly misleads her readers about American reality.

Posted by: John at November 8, 2004 02:00 PM
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