November 01, 2004

Moo Knew roundup

I've been trying to get into a blogging groove today but so far nothing's come together in a serious way. I've got a bunch of stuff I have to do workwise that I'm trying to get done, plus Monday's the big teaching day. I've got my American Political Development seminar in 10 minutes where we're supposed to be talking about the progressive era, but I have a feeling it will be mostly election stuff. I've been looking forward to election day for so long (mainly to get it out of the way) that now that it is on us, it's bizarrely quiet. Robbo's on a work trip so he's not going to be checking in, and so for now it's just me.

Until I get back from class, here's some Moo Knew (with all the daily vitamins and minerals blogger needs for health joints and bones):

Hold the Mayo has a linky round-up of the news of the election weird. DS is gloomy, but that's just his nature: think of Anticipatory Retaliations as kind of your neo-Khan Eeyore. Annika delivers a righteous fisking to Osama, followed by her over-under on MNF: what can I say, one stop blog shopping.

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Note the author of the article you linked on Anticipatory Retaliation. Yeah BRD is sort of morose sometimes, but that's not his gloomy clouds there. We have a new sort of group thing going on.

By the way, BRD and Rusty have nominated me for munu membership, so if you'd like to amble on over to Ellis Island and give me a "yay" It'd sure get me out of the funk. (Actually the bad wheather has improved my spirits a little, and whatever the outcome the ordeal will soon be over.)

Posted by: Demosophist at November 1, 2004 07:26 PM
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