October 29, 2004

"Mr. Leopard? Your Spots Are On Line Two."

The Missus was listening to Hannity's radio program a little while ago. (I hate when she does this because mopping up the drool is always such a chore.)

Anyhoo, Hannity was talking about J. Francois's attacks against Dubya this week over the Al Quack-Quack munitions business. Hannity's line was (as near as I can paraphrase it from memory):

This man who is now accusing the President and the military of incompetence based on a completely bogus story of disappearing weapons is exactly the same man who, thirty years ago, was accusing our soldiers in Vietnam of rape, murder and torture. He simply does not deserve to be Commander in Chief.

Hannity also hammered on the fact that the whole story was concocted in the first place by disgruntled U.N. officials and an extremely biased American Press.

I don't know what effect Kerry's attacks are having among the Left or swing voters, but I do know that he is managing to freshly enrage the Conservative base. Hannity is going to be pounding on this theme all weekend in his "Hannitize the Vote" push. I wouldn't be surprised to see some especially heavy turn out numbers on the Right come Tuesday. (Rumors of this phenom amongst absentee voters are already beginning to surface. Go check out the Kerry Spot at NRO for frequent updates.)

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