October 27, 2004

Holy freakin crap!

The whole CBS/Kerry story about the missing explosives at Al Qaqaa is completely disintegrating like an evil mummy zombie in the sun. Not that we'll be hearing about it in the core of the dinosaur media. The exception here is NBC---do they realize the stakes on the line at the moment?

Turns out it was the Russian Special Forces who came in and moved the stuff out just before the invasion, and---get this, I know you;ll have trouble believing this---Mohama ElBaradei lied about the whole thing to the UN.

Shocked, shocked I am that a permanent member of the Security Council was removing evidence of Saddam's quest for WMD out from under the scrutiny of the world.

Shocked, shocked I am that two major media outlets---CBS News and the New York Times---ran with a story they knew was thinner than Oliver Twist's gruel in a slanted attempt to influence the outcome of the election in favor of their candidate.

First thing, let's win this freakin election.

Second thing, let's destroy CBS and the Times.

UPDATE: Props to Macktastic Rusty Wicked, who has become a member of the MSM according to Google. Way to go, Rusty!

UPDATE DEUX: INDC Bill has all the details plus a great putting together of the puzzle. Hey, we love to give Bill the proverbial blog-wedgie every so often, but we only do it because Bill's the real thing. Look for INDC Journal in the top ten of the TLLB by Spring.

UPDATE TROIS: A twofer---Sox win the Series AND Arafat kicks the bucket? Hmmm.....what am I going to do with my third wish? Ah, yesss....

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Go check out my post at muniviana. It looks like Llamas are part of the MSM too!!

Posted by: Rusty at October 28, 2004 10:54 AM
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