October 23, 2004

Live-blogging the Slumber Party And the Sox Game

And so it begins.

At the moment, they're busy making pizzas, to be followed by caramel apples for afters.

I understand the movie selection for the evening is Sleeping Beauty, although I'll bet this isn't what they wind up watching. Whatever actually gets run off, they'll be down in the basement for it. I, on the other hand, will be watching the game up here in the Missus' study, so I'll have ample opportunity to fill you in if anything noteworthy occurs in either contest.

Whether this turns into Stephen Green-style live-blogging rather depends on how everybody gets along downstairs. One of my favorite titles from the old Dave Letterman children's bookmobile sketch was Daddy Drinks Because You Cry.

We'll see.

UPDATE: My four year old is whinnying like a horse. Always a bad sign.

FURTHER UPDATE: Popcorn is ready and the movie is just about to go on. My poor two year old has been getting progressively sicker throughout the day and hit meltdown time at dinner. On the other hand, the four year old, in classic little sister style, made it abundantly clear that if we thought she wasn't going to get in on this slumber-party action, we were very much mistaken.

I don't really understand why the Play-Doh people bother sorting the stuff into colors. It all eventually gets mixed up in a uniform purplish, brownish goo. (Of course, I think the same thing about infant and toddler clothing - someone ought to market a line in various shades of food-stain brown and green.)

MORE UPDATE: Okay, movie is running. Time for Daddy to actually have a bite to eat.

STILL MORE: As I suspected, Sleaping Beauty has been preempted by Cinderella. I guess the mice have more appeal to six year olds than do Flora, Fauna and Merriweather. Meanwhile, Daddy has been fed and the Sox are up 7-5 at the top of the 6th. Life is good.

Razzing on the Missus for not being able to immediately identify the National League participant in the Series. Her zinger comeback: "Hey - the Yankees lost. What the hell do I care now?"

UPDATE: Yeouch! Poor Tony Womack. I'm quite sure I wouldn't want a David Ortiz line drive right in my chest either.

MORE: Bottom of the 7th - Manny Ramirez gets busted (justly) for not hustling enough to pick up the double. Run, fat boy!

Also, I have to agree with the Missus about one thing: Johnny Damon - get a haircut, dude!

STILL MORE: God damn Manny Ramirez.

ET CETERA: Middle of the 8th. Dayum, that was close.

MORE: Bellhorn - what a guy! Man, you have a thing for that Right Field Pole.

YIPS from Steve: I can't WAIT to see what type of googlage we're going to get from that one, Rob!

WRAP No. 1: Midnight - all girls out cold. Yesssssss.

WRAP No. 2 and FINAL UPDATE: Fenway Rebel Alliance 11, Cards 9. Yessssssssss.

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