October 23, 2004

Bambi the Balrog Watch - Part 3

Upon closer inspection, it turns out my garden was full of deer tracks. Not only had the blighters gone after the hydrangea, they seem to have sampled everything else as well, with the exception of the iris and buddleia. In particular, they did a pretty good job on the hollyhocks.

I put up some netting all the way around the garden fence to the height of about six feet or so. Hopefully, this will keep the dewy-eyed hell-spawn out until everything dies back on its own. It's strictly a stop-gap measure. I'll have to figure out this winter whether to go ahead and make it permanent and if so, how, or else whether to just tear it all down again once the deers' forest habitat comes back. I wouldn't mind making it permanent so as not to have to worry about it any more, except that I've got a white board fence and there isn't much I can put on top of it that isn't going to be rather an eyesore.


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