October 21, 2004

Nice try, Axis Sully!

Moo Knew went down for most of the day----I had this vision of the scene from Airplane!, where the guy pulls the plug in the tower then pops up and says "sorry! tee hee hee!"

But what I'd like to do is give some rousing and hearty Yip Yip Yips! to the most beneficient poo-bah of Moo Knew, the mysterious Reverend Pixy, who not only lets us play in his sandbox, but does such a fab job keeping the community being what it is. Thanks, Andrew!

Anyhoo, Robbo's I'm sure by now a jangling pile of goo, unable to blog lo these many hours. The boy's hooked reeeeeeeeal good. So, Sawx fans do not fret---the picture of the Yankee Death Star exploding is a coming. Patience, grasshopper---we waited twenty-six years to bury Bucky, we can wait one more day to cackle in style. Rusty bade his time well while the Sandcrawler was up on blocks, while Ace spent the day coming up with a new motto: It's like a bazillion monkeys running amok in your ass! Gee, thanks, Ace. Annika is harshing the mellow of Sawx geeks by pointing out the secret of their success: the team is owned by Constable Odo from Deep Space Nine. Yikes. (Although that might explain some of the more compliant umpire calls....) Meanwhile, Patriot Paradox is manning the barricades, and sends frantic word of the issue which is going to seal the deal for the Kerry campaign: Dick Cheney got a flu shot! Egad! Fortunately, Rocket Jones is on the scene to continue the public mockery of CBS.

Tonight was the night our group makes dinner at the Salvation Army, so I'm punching out and heading to bed. I need a shower, as I've got the wonderful aroma of industrial strength meatloaf around me.

SECRET MESSAGE FOR MICHELE: Thanks, girl---you are the definition of class. Of course, Robbo is the model of a modern major general...

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