October 19, 2004

More Plum Posting

Jaime of Something Old, Nothing New, has a nifty little post up on the genesis of Wodehouse's The Return of Jeeves that goes on to explore a bit more the cross-roads between musical comedy and print on which Plum was camped. (Yips! to Mr. Outer Life.)

And speaking of Plum, how about a quote for the morning? The subject is Sir Roderick Glossip, the eminant brain specialist, and his family:

Stop me if I've told you this before: but, in case you don't know, let me just mention the facts in the matter of this Glossip. He was a formidable old bird with a bald head and outsized eyebrows, by profession a loony-doctor. How it happened, I couldn't tell you to this day, but I once got engaged to his daughter, Honoria, a ghastly dynamic exhibit who read Nietzsche and had a laugh like waves breaking on a stern and rock-bound coast. The fixture was scratched owing to events occuring which convinced the old boy that I was off my napper; and since then he has always had my name at the top of his list of 'Loonies I have Lunched With'.

- From Very Good, Jeeves, Chapter 3 - "Jeeves and the Yuletide Spirit"

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