October 18, 2004

Leadership, Thy Name Is "National Land Trust Appreciation Day"

Remember in the third presidential debate where Dubya claimed Kerry had only passed five bills during his time in the Senate and Kerry shot back that he'd passed 56? Well FactCheck.Org has, er, fact-checked the issue.

Bottom line, Dubya was technically correct, although there were six other pieces of minor legislation in which Kerry had a hand. Judging from the list, we'll let him have those.

On the other hand, looks like Kerry was including lunch bills he'd paid in his own count. Go on over and check out his sterling record of achievement. What kind of horrible world would we be living in now if J. Francois hadn't ceaselessly labored to get the name of the Committee on Small Business changed to the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship? My God in Heaven, just think of it!

Yips! to Taranto.

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