October 12, 2004


From Eric at the Fire Ant Gazette, it's the Kerry Nuisance Advisory System:


[Insert sound of malicious sniggering here.]

The shear jaw-dropping stupidity of Kerry's terrorists-as-nuisance comment aside, I am interested to see what kind of political fallout there might be. My llama senses tell me that Kerry might really, really rue the day he let it slip. With three weeks to go and momentum counting for everything this time around, the man has handed Dubya a two-by-four with nails sticking out of the end. If Dubya doesn't pummel Kerry with it at every opportunity from here on in, well, I guess he doesn't want to get re-elected very badly.

Yips! to Freakin' Jen, who shares with me "Terribly Inconvenient" status.

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