October 10, 2004

Was Kerry's high tide on Friday afternoon?

Time will tell. But it's going to get interesting as stuff like this starts piling on, and this too. And let's see if INDCent Bill's new found prowess inside the ears of the dinosaur media gets any action out of this story. This won't be followed up on, for sure. Ace ruminates on the Halperin memo (can we call it HALPERINBURTON! ?) And this? Riiiiiiight. John Kerry: I was a dirtbag commie before I wasn't. Son of Nixon also has a story that the dinosaur media won't follow up on. Or this from Annika.

This seems to be the consensus on Debate Three:


One last thing: go over and tell Kathleen the Cake Eater (and you ARE reading Cake Eater every day, aren't you? The LLamas command: eat your damn cake daily, folks!) that she needs to liveblog the debate from Arizona next week. Take one for the team, Kathleen!

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