October 08, 2004

LLamaliveblog: The St. Louis Debate

7:45 Central Time----Made it in okay, and the Red Sox cooperated by ending the extra innings game and sweeping the Angels. No moral quandry of which event to watch (and can you say Sawx Cardinals World Series? I thought you could)

There isn't wireless in the hotel bar area, so I'm going to do this from the room upstairs. Later, I'll go down and do some live reporting of whatever media types are staying here.

I'm going to do it different this time, instead of doing a whole series of posts I'm going to add on to one post.

Tradesports update: Kerry rose during the day breaking through the $40 barrier, and Bush fell into the high fifties. Expectations for a Kerry victory?

Liveblogging roundup: Steve Green is tivo-ing and watching tomorrow. Hugh Hewitt has set up his scorecard (which is a cool setup, if you ask me). Allahpundit hasn't reported for duty yet but hey, he's the creator of worlds, he's busy. (UPDATE: Allah is in the house). The Commissar is manning the vanguard. Holy smokes, so is the Truth Laid Bear.

If you're liveblogging, drop us some love in the tasty bits mail sack and we'll post the link.

7:59 Halperingate? Any word on whether this memo was typed on a Smith Corona?

8:04 Wishy washy???? That's why I hate the effing town hall format.

Weapon of mass deception?

I do like the lines in the carpet---it's reminiscent of the lines in the carpet in the House of Commons exactly two swords lengths across.

Kerry running to Bush's right on education?

Spoons is liveblogging too, as is the ever delightful Ann Althouse.

Bush needs to hammer the Howard Dean angle if only to draw Howard Dean back into the race to say something ridiculously stoooopid.

8:08 WMD and North Korea.

9/11---things changed. He needs to hammer this.

He's animated tonight, but not in a surly way as last time (although I admit I liked the surly Gary Cooper look, but hey, that's just me, Mr. Vegas)

UPDATE: LaShawn Barber is liveblogging too.

Kerry---"I've always thought Saddam was a threat..." what about Gulf War I?

8:12---The global test

He needs to hammer this----bring in the French bribery, dammit!

8:13 Rainman gets to ask a question....something about Wapner and Iraq

8:16 Pizza arrives....mmmmmm....pizza

8:19 Drawing the Reagan analogy is good.


So is Shinseki bucking for SecDef in a Kerry admin?

9:26 Bush and Kerry are both rising on Tradesports....

Scowling joke.......

Niave and dangerous line is good....needs to hammer that.

Glenn is liveblogging too.

This is a nice handling of the draft question by praising the all-volunteer army and the transformation of the military.

9:31 Kerry will be more like Reagan?

The Tony Blair point is excellent

9:33 Is it just me, or are these questions ridiculously pro-Kerry? I mean, where's Chris Farley's guy saying, "Senator Kerry......remember when you were in Cambodia at Christmas? That was so awesome....."

8:37 (sorry--my watch is on central time but the clock on the windows bar is on eastern time)

I think Bush is en fuego here.

9:38 Is Rainman just reading DNC press releases?

Talk about being in the lion's den.

Tradesports update: Kerry winning the popular vote contract has crossed to $50 (even money); Bush is at $53

8:43 John Kerry created 23 million jobs in the 90s.......?

WHOA!!!!!! John Edwards supports tort reform?


I guess he can pull that out of his magic hat.....

YIPS---Potomac Ponderings has some good observations...

8:48 Harry Truman comes in, holds Kerrys arms in a full nelson while Bush smacks Kerry in the head with a two by four over not showing up to vote on health care....

8:50 raising taxes during a recession is spot on----economic collapse in 1936-37 anyone?

FDR knew something about not killing the economy during war:


8:54 "Senator Kerry, will you look into the camera and swear to the American people that if elected you'll make sure there's a fuzzy bunny in every hutch?"

You know, this almost makes me pine for the days when you had the old panels of journalists. Almost.....

Allahpundit seizes on an important Kerry boner about the February 26, 1993 bombing of the WTC.

8:59 Ohmygawd, Michel Foucault is asking a question about the environment! Or maybe it's just a really pissed off Gavin MacLeod.

Alienating the Red Sawx Nation is not a way to win, Senator Kerry....

9:04 Kyoto is flawed, I was there, but you can't walk away from it....?


"Senator Kerry, what is your favorite chorus to Kumbaya?"

"Someone's weeping, Lord." Except if it's someone making over $200 grand, then I'm going to screw them (unless they are a condiments heiress). It reminds me of when I was in Vietnam.....

9:09 Kerry's up $2, Bush is down $2 at Tradesports.....

9:09 "Need some wood?"

Hehehehehehe......he said "wood."

Shut up, Beavis!

9:11 (interesting timing, huh?) Patriot Act Question

"Mr. Bush, why did you implant sensors in my molars when I was at the library?"

I wonder when they're going to ask him what type of puppy he likes best in a smoothie......

9:13 Let's just see for a minute......Kerry was there for Kyoto, he voted for the Patriot Act, he was in favor of both except that he's not......huh?

9:17 Thirteen minutes left

Supreme Court question--FINALLY!

Dred Scott case? What the efffff?

Bush muffed that one, big time.

Tradesports: Bush down $3

BTW, Kerry voted to confirm Antonin Scalia.....

YIPS to Overtaken by Events who are opening up a can of whup ass on Kerry

LINE OF THE NIGHT: You can run but you can't hide (from your record)

LAST QUESTION: "President Bush, give three instances in which you were wrong, and was this because you are 1.) evil; B.) Niave; or III) under the thumb of your Sith Masters at Halliburton?"

Conclusions: Kerry's citing Reagan and Eisenhower as his foreign policy role models, and that he's more in line with them than Bush? Zombie ghost of Adlai Stevenson walks on stage and slaps Kerry in the face with a dog eared copy of Camus' The Plague.

I guess there was an electoral realignment in 1980 after all.

Bush's conclusions: Think what we've been through together.....

Let me get this straight: Kerry is invoking the style of Reagan and Ike, and Bush is invoking FDR's Fireside chats?

Strong closing by invoking Afghanistan election.

Wrap up in a minute.

Posted by Steve at October 8, 2004 08:49 PM | TrackBack

No. But I can say Yankees-Cardinals Series.

Posted by: Robert at October 8, 2004 09:00 PM

Bush started out slow but is doing well now.

Posted by: Robert at October 8, 2004 09:35 PM

B: You're for tort reform? You should have shown up in the Senate and voted for it.


Posted by: Robert at October 8, 2004 09:49 PM

This is not good for bushie. He looks furious and defensive. He's not on the attack. He's defensive and yelling. It's like he's attacking the questioners. NOT GOOD. This will kill him with undecideds and that's all he's fighting for. NOT GOOD. NOT GOOD.

Posted by: jp at October 8, 2004 09:52 PM

Screw it. You guys already won the line of the night with the Chris Farley thing. Bastards!

Posted by: Matt at October 8, 2004 10:01 PM

Shows what gets smoked out of the wood work when you have to round up undecideds.

Posted by: Liz at October 8, 2004 10:02 PM

Dred Scott lived in and passed through St. Louis several times, and his case went to the Missouri Supreme Court before it went to the US Supreme Court. I suspect that someone thought it might play well locally.

Unfortunately, whoever that was gives way too much credit to Missouri public schools.

Posted by: Teri at October 9, 2004 01:00 AM

The Dred Scott case, from what I remember from civics class, was about this: he was a slave who had lived in the free north before moving back to Missouri.

His former slavemaster claimed Mr Scott was his; Mr Scott sued, but the SCOTUS decided that 1) since all blacks were just property and not people, he had no right to sue; and 2) even if he had been free, now that he was again back in Missouri he was now a slave again.

Another thing: it seemed to me that we saw much more of the back of Bush's head than Kerry's; is this because Bush moved around more?

Posted by: David D at October 9, 2004 03:00 AM
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