September 27, 2004

The Monday Llama Salt Lick

Monday's my busiest day, so instead of doing the usual full blown dozen links I'm doing a link dump. Here's a smattering of the good stuff:

Want the latest on riflegate? We've got you covered!

Rusty: Why I like King Abdullah

Commissar: Wishful thinking, indeed.

Allah: I question the timing!

Ace: "It's NOT enough that he served!" from an unexpected source.

Green: Set your tivo---Vodkapundit will be drunkblogging the debate! Also, Buyer's remorse and Dean nostalgia.

Irish Elk: one stop shop for the romantic (and perpetually doomed) Red Sawx fan.

Note to self: never EVER piss off the Cake Eater!

Alec Baldwin dissected as only the Crack Young Staff is capable.

Paypal: the root of all evil?

"The failure of the revolution that never was": David Frum has some advice for Josh Marshall that somehow I don't think he's going to take...

But of course: Karl Rove uses "Hello Kitty" stationery! (I'm so glad blogtirement didn't suit Michele).

Rocket Jones: Bad news sells more magazines? Who knew!

"Nice Gams!": Gordon has been playing with the pshop and airplane glue again and the results are oddly disturbing....

Finally, Annika has a sentiment that I can entirely support: Vinny Testaverde sucks! Maybe when Dallas is done with him he can play for the Dolphins...

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