September 22, 2004

Boobie-gate comes to a resolution

CBS is fined $550,000 for exposing to America the sagging, lifeless booby of the sister of the King of Freaks.

Justin Timberlake's reaction:

"Besides being scarred permanently by the post-traumatic stress of being exposed to that corpulent sack of fetid cheese, it's not really a big deal: It's not like we fraudulently used forged documents to try to influence a presidential election, and then lie about it."

Smart man, that Justin.

Which makes me realize we haven't chummed the Google waters lately:

Booby-gate / never late / say you're sorry / then commit hari-kari
Olsen Twins / bite your shins / INDC Bill / threatens to kill
me my-lai / oprah doprah lah/ free pontiac / don't smoke crack
Powerline / Kerry has no spine / Illuminati / Shrum's track record is spotty
beheading video / Issac's serving drinks on the lido
deck to dance / I hate France

deep breath, drum solo

edward r. murrow / brow in a furrow / courage bottle / up dan's wazzu he will throttle
andy rooney is lame / which is really a shame / as he was incredibly funny / in, like, 1920
steve croft aloft / is incredibly soft / when issues are at stake / rathergate? clambake!
bradley, ed / fame has gone to his head / should we fire it? / he thinks he's a pirate!
leslie stahl will appall / when it's the election fall / "President Bush, on your life, / when did you stop beating your wife?"
wallace, mike /i admit I do like / from when i was a tike /he broadcast into our home /and blew the lid of Teapot Dome
when i see the checked shirt /i become extra alert /Morley Safer is on the trail / and evil Republicans will not prevail!

UPDATE: Don't miss out on the Joe Don Baker Haiku contest over at Annika's.

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Heyward Rather Mapes

See what comes up first.

Posted by: Bill from INDC at September 22, 2004 05:20 PM


Posted by: Steve the LB at September 22, 2004 08:01 PM
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