September 03, 2004

Kerry Throws Ball At Bush's Chest, Hits Bar Door Window Instead

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Of course I didn't wait up to watch Kerry's midnight whine-fest in Ohio. But Katie the Resplendent Mango fisks his prepared remarks nicely. And Paul at Wizbang live-blogged it. From what I can tell, Kerry's speech seems to have been personally crafted by Michael Moore. Folks, this man is coming unglued.

You know what's rich about all this? For years the President has been subject to the most outrageous slander about everything from his intelligence to his loyalties and said nothing. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Come now the Republicans not to question Kerry's patriotism, but rather his complete lack of leadership and judgement, surely legitimate questions, and Kerry responds with a complete hissy fit.

All fooling aside, let me offer the Donks a bit of gratuitous advice. It strikes me that part of Kerry's problem is that he's never really gone to the bigs before. He's cruised for years and years in Massachusetts politics and has come to think pretty highly of himself for it. Now he's come to the Show and is facing a real fight, probably for the first time. In this, he reminds me of Ebby Calvin "Nuke" LaLoosh:

Ebby: I ain't pissing nothing away. I got a Porsche already; a 911 with a quadrophonic Blaupunkt.

Crash Davis: Christ, you don't need a quadrophonic Blaupunkt! What you need is a curveball! In the show, everyone can hit heat.

Words of wisdom, I think. Outbursts like last night's show that Kerry still has a five cent head.

UPDATE: Cat at What Now? live-blogged Meat, too.

Yips! to Right on Red, who have compiled a handy-dandy list of Blogger reaction to last night.

FURTHER UPDATE: The all-powerful Allah has liveblogging of Dubya's speech and reaction to Nuke Kerry's wild pitch.

FURTHER STILL: The Cracker Barrel Philosopher has more. So does Spoons. And Nick Queen has pictures. It's ALIIIIVE!

LAST THOUGHT: Just out of curiosity, why hasn't CNN had a story about Kerry's Rally on its front page this morning? Jess askin'.

REALLY LAST THOUGHT: John Hawkins of Right Wing News spells out the foolishness of this stunt in words of one syllable that even Kerry should comprehensimate.

POSITIVELY LAST THOUGHT UNTIL I HAVE ANOTHER ONE: Erick at Red State looks at Meat's "heater". Yips! to Pejman.

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