August 16, 2004

This is what campaign finance laws create

Long time readers (ie Rob's mom) know my antipathy for campaign finance laws: I'm a Madisonian at heart, and I see the desire to rid politics of the dirty corruption of money as being a half-baked anti-federalist longing for the purity of the small republic. Aint going to work. Real campaign finance reform is freedom of information: let the candidates take whatever money they want in whatever quantity, but provide the means for the public to know exactly how much, where, when and how. That's the incentive to not take the wrong contributions, and it's beginning to have an effect.

The problem remains with the asinine laws we have in place at the moment, particularly the monstrosity that is McCain-Feingold. How fitting then that the first beneficiary on the Republican side of McCain's hard work on campaign finance is the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth: Kevin at Wizbang has the details on how in their first week, they've raised almost 400 grand.

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