June 26, 2004

Hollywood Total Access with the LLAMABUTCHERS!

We get you behind the scenes at the Fahrenheit Cast Party

fahrenheit cast party.jpg

"Excellency Lord Hutt, there is a man here, named Shaitan, he's here for your soul"

"BURP! Send him in! AND GET ME A BUCKET!"

(annoying robot droid noises, coupled with a sexy purr from Jabba Moore's sex slave, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Looney Tunes))

That's right......Nancy Pelosi in the Princess Leia slave-girl suit....try getting THAT image out of your cornea.

I'd suggest Drain-o and a wire brush, or as Robbo would say, "it burnssss, it burnssss, hobbittses are tricksy!"


Why did Steve pshop Nancy Pelosi (D-Venus) into the iconic pic of Princess Leia that most American men of a certain age hold a, er, certain fondness for, it being their first experience in porn? The answer, my friends, is not just that Steve the Llamabutcher is deeply, deeply, disturbed---you don't need to be a freakin' Harvard educated shrink to figure that one out! Rather, it stemmed apparently from an overwhelming desire to offend the male readership in a proportionate manner that he did earlier in the day by posting that photoshop for the A&E Pride and Prejudice mini-series, with the glaring face of professional wrestler and amateur hooligan Stone Cold "Steve" Austin over the face of Colin Firth. I've been trying to counsel him for over a year now that in civilized society, asking yourself "what WOULD Douglas MacArthur do?" is the road to unhappiness, despair, not to mention gingivitis.

As his therapist, I can only say, please, PLEASE, for the love of gawd, DON'T encourage him, or make loud noises! He needs help!

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Hey, c3p0 is chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet!

Posted by: Pepito Piscinas at August 4, 2004 08:46 PM
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