June 26, 2004

More Llama Yips!

If you direct your attention over to the right, you may notice some new additions to the Llama blogroll. As always, whether this is viewed as an honor or a badge of shame is left entirely up to the individual blogger.

First, two folks who have carried us for quite a while without my realizing it (owing to the bizarre Internet filtering here that blocks out blogrolls on other sites):

The Cracker Barrel Philosopher at The Country Store shares my horrified fascination with Bahbwah!

Matt Navarre is in a permanent Bad State of Gruntledness. Matt hasn't posted in a few weeks, so you might want to clap your hands and repeat over and over "I DO believe in Tinkerbell!" I'm not sure if it will do any good, but it will certainly give us all a laugh.

Then there are some more recent initiates in the world of Llama Madness:

Rob A. may ask Fine? Why Fine?, but he's got a fine looking site anyway. Check out this b'yoot.

The Techie Vampire is fond of Poisoning Pidgeons. Her writing reminds me somewhat of that line from Lawrence of Arabia where the Bedouin fighter, eyeing the retreating Turk column, says simply "No prisoners."

I guess it must be Ladies' Week here at the Butcher Shop (except in New Jersey). One of our new readers is Jen of All Things Jen(nifer). She came across us just the other day and even from here I can sense that she's wondering what she got herself into.

Another such newbie is Liz of Em Tasol. She's been following the run up to next week's Jane Austen Cage Match and thinks Kathleen and I are both wrong, backing Persuasion's Anne Elliot.

As always, go on over and say hello to these folks!

Yip! Yip! Yip!

YIPS from Steve: Thanks! I still can't believe people read this.

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