September 23, 2004

Why I love blogging

It's because of the readers.

Take this nugget from the Tasty Bits(TM) Mail Sack from "Jim in Chicago":

I personally date the decline of Britain to 1971 when they decided to get rid of ye olde 12 pence to the shilling, 20 shillings to the pound, and replaced this age-old system with a thoroughly Frenchified one of 100p to the pound.

Now of course they have the whole metric system bullshit. It's like
Napoleon had beaten Wellington or something.

Burke has been revolving in his grave fast enough to air-condition the
apartement of every elderly pensioner in Paris during their next heat

Did I mention that I hate the French?

We do too, Jim, we do too. That's the LLamas for you---miss one day, and you lose out on a random sample of righteous fiskings of Susan Estrich and Mike Moore, Burkean fustings about changes in procedure in the House of Commons, holding the Cake Eater's coat when she beats down Randy Andy Sullivan, the Bridezilla update, Paint it Red poll watch, pshop mockery of the effete junior senator from Massachusetts, the Boobygate update, outerspace potty jokes, wedgies for INDC Bill, pics of the Democratic nominee for Vice President felllating a microphone, and an ode to Autumn by Keats.

Yips! from Robbo: Bring on the groupies, says I!

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