September 09, 2004

Holy Old Media Meltdown, Batman!

I don't really know what to make of the contention sweeping the blogsphere today that the documents the Boston Globe, CBS and 60 Minutes are trumpeting as smoking-gun evidence that Bush was AWOL from National Guard duty are, in fact, forgeries.

Charles at Little Green Footballs seems convinced of it. The Big Trunk at Power Line is all over it, as is National Review's Kerry Spot. Now Drudge is running a top o' the page banner on it.

Whether they're right or not will soon be seen. But this story perfectly illustrates what I was saying this morning - anybody who thinks the Internet - and especially the conservative section of it - isn't shaping the course of the political debate is a blind fool. If these docs do turn out to be forged, it will be a disaster for both Old Media and the Kerry campaign, as well as a huge scalp for the belt of the blogsphere.

UPDATE: INDCent Bill is back and he's not taking any prisoners. Go read his independent research right now.

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