September 02, 2004

LLamas Undercover in Chicago

People often ask me, "Dave, what is that political scientists actually do all day at political science conventions?"

The answer is obvious: in the old days, it was a fair amount of sitting around the bar lobby, drinking at lunch and watching espn on the wide screen tee-vee. Now, of course it's that AND blogging.

So there.

Here are some panels I'll be avoiding this afternoon (and no, I'm not making any of these up):

Political Philosophy Come to Rick's: Casablanca and American Civic Culture

Postmodern Body Politics, which includes the paper "Carnal Hermeneutics and Political Theory" (which, oddly enough, is also playing on Spectravision, I believe)

Heteronormativity and the Politics of Heterosexuality

Shades of Black: Despair, Disappointment, Pessimism

Here's one I actually went to:

Taking Infotainment Seriously: The Emerging Role of Nontraditional Media in Politics

This one looked cool but was at the same time as my bloviating was occuring:

Comparative Empirical Analyses of Television News Coverage of the Iraq War

This one looks pretty cool, but that's just because I'm a Thucydides nerd:

Political Theory and International Security

Things I would rather be stuck in an elevator with Howard Dean and Denny Kucinich during a barium enema than go to:

Public Intellectuals and the Left in America: Toward a Ruthless Criticism of Everything Existing

Later, I'll link these to the pages where you can actually look at the papers themselves!

Well, that's enough for now. Time to head back to the bar.

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