March 09, 2005

Pinch me, slap me, make me write bad checks

The San Francisco Gate:

For those still wringing their hands at what to do about the war on terrorism, here's a revolutionary suggestion: How about what we're already doing? As the old saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. This doesn't mean that everything will fall into place perfectly or that challenges don't lie ahead, but, by all accounts, there is reason for encouragement. Lest it be thought that supporting such policies translates automatically into becoming a Republican, think again. It may be difficult for those in the post-Vietnam era to comprehend, but during World War II, the country was unified in a common goal of survival, its differences elsewhere notwithstanding.

Whatever one's reasons for opposing the war in Iraq, to extend that opposition to the wave of freedom enveloping the Muslim world is to place oneself squarely on the wrong side of history. As President Bush recently said, "Freedom is on the march." The question is, are you for it, or against it?

You know this kills them to have to write this. You can measure how well things are going by just looking around campus at the long mopey faces of the other professors.

Speaking of long faces, here's Robert Fisk on the subject:

Have we forgotten 150,000 dead?" he asked referring to the estimates of the number of people killed in the Lebanese civil war of 1975 to 1989. "Have we forgotten the Western hostages? Have we forgotten the 241 Americans who died in the suicide bombing of 23 October 1983? This democracy, if it comes, will be drenched with blood -- but the blood will be that of the Lebanese who live here, not that of the foreigners who wish to bestow freedom upon them.

Because, like, you know, Arabs don't want to be free. As any Chomsky-ite can tell you from the comfort of tenure that "freedom" is a boor-jshwah notion that is spit upon by truly liberated folk everywhere....

BTW, I'm feeling my case of blogmutes lifting. Things are a lot better today after a pretty crappy couple of days. Thanks for all the Yips!

Posted by Steve at March 9, 2005 02:52 PM

Who would even bother to read Robert Fisk; the guy is an idiot for one - and that alone is enough of a reason not to read his writings. And never pay attention to him; I Learned that the first time I ever read anything by him several years ago.


Posted by: firstbrokenangel at March 9, 2005 03:42 PM

Actually, reading that Robert Fisk thinks it will be a bloodbath gives me great comfort that things will go swimmingly. When's the last time he was right about anything?

Posted by: Karen at March 9, 2005 04:45 PM

Attaboy Steve! I see those first wobbly steps. But with a little more therapy, you'll pull through the blogmutes.

Posted by: Gordon at March 9, 2005 05:47 PM
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